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Wildlife conservation of local downland and heathland

Welcome to the                                                                    Sussex Pony Grazing & Conservation Trust

Our Trust helps to protect valuable wildlife habitats of the Sussex High Weald and South Downs through the delivery of conservation grazing with rare breed Exmoor ponies.


We work in close collaboration with local landowners and conservation agencies to provide a sustainable approach to limiting habitat degradation of our remaining chalk grassland and heathland. Most of the sites we graze are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), protected for the rare plant assemblages and species they support.

Exmoor ponies are a hardy native breed, ideally suited to this work, able to thrive on the relatively poor quality forage of nature conservation sites. Classed as ‘endangered’, their use across the country in this relatively new conservation role is helping to secure the future of the breed. We currently have several herds (76 ponies in total) grazing different sites across the county.

As a charitable, non-profit organisation, we depend heavily upon volunteers from local communities to help carry out our work, ensuring the welfare of the herds whilst keeping costs to a minimum.


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Why Exmoors?

Learn about our Exmoor ponies and why we use them for conservation grazing.

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How to get involved

Supporting the Trust in its vital work can be done in a number of ways. Most of our volunteers assist by becoming ‘Lookers’ and help to ensure the welfare of the ponies.
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